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The summer of 2019 I had the opportunity to attempt a long standing dream of mine; to walk the entire length of the Pacific Crest Trail in a six month period. The trail starts at the US border with Mexico and travels up through California, Oregon and Washington for 2653 miles to reach the US border with Canada. I would carry my home on my back, sleep in the desert, woods and mountains, and walk. Then walk some more.

This series of landscape images is the culmination of those 2653 miles, a documentation of the wild landscapes stretching across the US in that year. The changes in these natural spaces is so fast that I believe it important to catch them and preserve them.

I will try to locate all of the images as accurately as possible!

Please see the Prints section for images that you can order to have at home. 

Californian Desert- mile 0-702

The Sierra

Northern California